In the German „Shots Magazin“ you can publish advertorials to support your campaigns for Fashion, Beauty, Motor and Travel with additional attention and optimized ranking in a current environment.

New advertorials are manually and individually integrated into to guarantee the best possible presentation with text, photos and videos.

Your added value when booking an advertorial:

1. Optimized presentation including text, photos, image galleries and videos. ✔
2. Professional proofreading for text reading including corrections. ✔
3. Attention through our connection as a news source to all relevant search engines and news apps. ✔
4. Visible for five days sticky in the news flow on the homepage under ✔
5. Visible for five days visually in the news slider on the homepage under ✔
6. Good ranking of your outgoing links through our high-quality maintained online magazine. ✔
7. Lifetime visibility in search engines, news apps and social networks. ✔
8. Additional reach through push notification to our 15.000 subscribers. ✔

Current prices for advertorials (as of January 2024):

1. Online promotional price per advertorial 990,- Euro, net (when booked until 06/2024).
2. No separate surcharge for handling and implementation.
3. For numerous campaigns, you can request a quantity discount.
4. You can find current examples under advertorials.
5. Mediakit ⟹

References: Abarth, Abu Dhabi, Adidas, Aero Affaires, Alfa Romeo, Associated Press, Car Gloss, Checkdomain, DDP Images, Docboom, FCA Bank, Fiat, Ford, Gambettes, Goodyear, Hairdreams, Hairtalk, Harley-Davidson, Jeep, Kaufland, LaPresse, Lunor, Luxury Agent, Memberslounge, Mopar, Panasonic, Philips, Shoutout, Taittinger, Tamaris, Taylor’s and many more.

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