Holidays are an important time for anyone but for those who have families or have a career regarding children but it can be difficult to find time for a vacation apart from in summer. When holiday time is so precious it would make sense to experience something that is unforgettable. Turkey offers so many different experiences, no matter what is wanted Turkey can accommodate.


A popular destination is the Turquoise Coast. This beautiful coastline has some of the most beautiful beaches with historical locations that should be visited when enjoying the glorious Turkish summer weather. Alternatively, Istanbul is a beautiful city that has been constantly developing but all the while keeping the traditional elements safe for modern intrusion. Areas such as the Old city have been modernised with a classic style so that it feels comfortable without changing the ascetics

The History

All across Turkey, ancient and modern history can be seen and experienced. Even in tourism-based towns such as Fethiye there is historical significance, above the town centre is castle ruins that once stood watch to warn and defend the town. Behind the town on the mountains there are ancient rock tombs that date back to the Lycians. This town stands in great position for holidays as it requires only a short drive to get to the beach of Oludeniz as well as having a busy harbour. Alaturka Cruises offer different tours that can be undertaken from Fethiye touring both the Turkish south-west coast and some Greek islands.

When traveling the coast either with a gulet cruise or on the road it is hard to not enjoy the way that ruins blend perfectly with the natural state that Turkey has aimed to help flourish. Destinations such as Tlos are an amazing example of the combined beauty, these ruins were considered them the jewel of the Lycia by other ancient civilisations.

Turkish holiday destinations that create perfect summer holiday
Turkish holiday destinations that create perfect summer holiday

The Sea

Turkey is famed for its beautiful weather and amazing ocean views, with many hotels using this as a selling point. A highly popular trip that is often undertaken is the boat day trips, often called twelve island boat trips, visit different bays and islands in the area surrounding Fethiye and Oludeniz. One of the most iconic locations on these trips is Butterfly Valley.

This Valley can only be easily reach via boat and is one of the favourite stops on the Turkey Sail tours. The valley has been kept as natural as possible by only building a restaurant with shower facilities and designating an area for camping other than this is has been untouched. During the right time of year there will be many different type of butterflies flying around the open field, heading through the field there is a waterfall where the valley narrows slightly. For those who have experience or are very steady on their feet the rocks around the waterfall are climbable as is indicated by the rope that has been anchored into place to aid.

Turkish holiday destinations that create perfect summer holiday
Turkish holiday destinations that create perfect summer holiday

Welcoming Feeling

To the Turkish people there is nothing better than spending time with the family and friends. This way of life spreads to how they run their businesses. When customers walk in they are treated just like an old friend, even if this is the first meeting. This feeling of being welcome makes a new place feel special. The feeling of being welcome does not stop at the people, when you go into a restaurant where they serve traditional home-made food it gives an image of being at home happy with all of the flavours filling the senses. As many returning visitors will say, the views and the weather brought them to Turkey but the people bring them back year after year.

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